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What we mean by “project” is a series of actions implemented by professionals and volunteers, aimed at supporting the social inclusion of refugees, and promoting positive encounters between them and the community.


Each of our projects has different characteristics, timings, and resources, but all entail providing our beneficiaries with a place where to live, as well as a number of services aimed at meeting their needs. The common goal is to accompany each forced migrant along his or her pathway towards autonomy, starting from his or her needs and skills and favouring at the same time the mutual enrichment between those who are welcomed, and those who welcome.

Here, we describe our reception projects dividing them into three macro-categories: projects involving people that are waiting for a response to their application for international protection; projects for refugees and holders of international protection sustained by ministerial fundings; projects for refugees specific for the territory of Trentino and sustained with other fundings than the ministerial ones.

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