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Undertaking a forced migration, being separated from one’s loved ones, needing to find one’s own place in an unknown reality are just a few of the several personal challenges that forced migrants face. Those presenting psychological frailties, or going through a difficult time can undertake a support and accompaniment program with us.


Our goal is to promote people’s wellbeing in a broader sense, paying attention to all the different elements that contribute to their global health condition (according to a bio-psycho-social approach). For this reason, and in order to offer a good service, we work closely with the services that our territory provides: the General Medicine Service, the Social Services, the Mental Health Service and the Addiction Service. The general aim is always that of supporting migrants in their pathway towards integration and autonomy.


Working with people with a foreign background requires rethinking the psychological work in a transcultural and ethno-clinical key. In this sense, it is crucial for us to collaborate with cultural mediators, who do not simply translate from one language to the other, but can also translate important cultural aspects.

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