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Volunteers are of crucial importance for our association. They participate in our activities and are in many ways present for the migrants we host, integrating our operators’ job in the Italian classes, job search support, promoting relationships within the communities, supporting families, and much more. Besides providing help, volunteers are important because through engaging in a relationship with the “other”, they undertake a personal growth process which is mirrored in the community, where they spread the culture of hospitality.


Our volunteers are very diverse from one another. There are university students (or even younger), pensioners, workers. There are men and women, but mostly women. There are “trentini” by birth, and by choice. They have specific skills and passions they are happy to share, but they may also simply want to give a helping hand.


They give us the most important thing: their time. In exchange, we offer our support in managing their volunteering activities and in their relationships with our beneficiaries, but we also offer a number of learning opportunities about forced migration with experts and operators. These encounters are aimed at providing them with the tools to understand the phenomenon and take action as sensitive and aware citizens. The goal is not only to know more, but also to learn how to be “people that climb over walls” - citizens who open themselves to sharing and that put in practice ideals of tolerance and hospitality in their daily life.


If you want to apply, click here!

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