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The journey and the migratory process make up an experience that is different for each person, studded with losses and new encounters, sufferings and personal resources to be found and recomposed, often in solitude. Some people feel disoriented and struggle during this process of construction of a new identity in a new place. They may feel fragile, confused and paralyzed in the attempt to move the first steps forward.


Our goal, when it comes to our social service work, is that of flanking the people in this delicate phase of the process, supporting them in getting familiar with the new context and in re-building themselves in this new reality. We try to favour the emergence of the migrants’ potential, skills and personal resources, and then to strengthen them and connect them with the territory, creating networks that allow the person to find opportunities in the new context.


This approach helps the person to move the first steps in his or her new life in Italy with an increased autonomy, greater awareness and surrounded by a new relationships network.

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