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5X1000 is a portion of the IRPEF tax that the Italian State takes from the citizens’ tax declarations, to redistribute them among no-profits carrying out socially relevant activities, in fields such scientific research, the environment, animal protection, volunteering, the cultural heritage, citizenship and civic engagement.


For the citizen it is not an additional payment: simply, if the person does not specify a preference about where to direct his or her 5X1000, it is assigned on the basis of the percentage of preferences each no-profit has gained. So why not choose carefully who to support?


Choosing us means building each year a different inclusion project for the refugees we work with.


Over the last few years, thanks to the preferences we received, we realized several important actions, such as encounters between groups of students and refugees, humanitarian corridors, support during the first tough months of the Covid-19 pandemic, support projects for positive neighbourhood relations.


In order to devote your 5X1000 to refugees, you need to indicate our Fiscal Code in your tax declaration. This is our Fiscal Code: 96072090226.

Do you want to receive a reminder with our Fiscal Code and the details about the projects we implement thanks to 5X1000? Fill in this form.

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