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Knowing the language and culture of the people around us is the first step to be able to understand and be understood, build relationships and feel comfortable in the place where one lives. It is a crucial prerequisite to achieve autonomy in daily life. This awareness urges us to support refugees and asylum seekers living in Trentino in their effort to learn Italian and understand the cultural environment in which they are immersed.


The people we meet are very different from one another, age-wise as well as concerning origin and schooling. Some have completed high school or university studies, others have never been to school and cannot read nor write, or they speak a language that does not have a written form.


For this reason, we offer to each person an individualized path, starting from his or her needs and skills. In order to do this, we work closely with the local network, the other équipes of the association and the volunteers who offer us their precious help.

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