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Hospitality starts from a house. Inside and around a house develop the daily and most personal aspects of everyone’s life. This is true for migrants as well, which is why the place where one lives and the relations one builds inside the house and in its surroundings are so important.


As operators of the reception area, we work  precisely with this: we build, together with asylum seekers and refugees, personalized pathways aimed at reaching autonomy in everyday life tasks, starting with those related to the house, the neighbouring relations, accessing services and taking care of one’s health status, which is often compromised by the traumatic experiences undergone.


Our ultimate goal is to accompany without assisting, gradually reducing our presence and our intervention as the person becomes more and more aware and independent in moving within the territory to meet his or her needs and guarantee his or her rights.


The principles guiding our work are the standard social work principles

  • self-determination: we try to help the person to decide for him or herself

  • acceptance: we try to accept the choices without judging them, valuing the differences

  • confidentiality: what we learn within the relationship of trust is not shared with others and remains private

  • personalization of the interventions: we do not apply equal actions to all, rather, we start from the person’s characteristics to build together with him or her a tailor-made project

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