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Many forced migrants reach Italy without documents, but this does not mean they do not have a right to hospitality. Many others, conversely, flee their countries because of wars, environmental disasters, political and religious persecutions, hunger and poverty, and can apply for international protection in order to get a residency permit.


This and other legal procedures concerning migrants are quite complex and need to be explained clearly and deepened with the help of an expert in the field, so that from bare words on paper they can turn into actual instruments to obtain rights.

For this reason, we offer to our beneficiaries an accompaniment and orientation service on asylum, on the procedure for the recognition of international protection, and on the rights and duties connected to the status of asylum seeker and refugee. We assist asylum seekers and refugees individually, offering a kind of  support that takes into account their unique and personal experience, as long as their personal legal situation. Our goal is to make them aware of their legal status, and autonomous vis-a-vis the paperwork they have to deal with, and the process of having their rights recognized.

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