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Every refugee is a unique person, with his or her own aspirations, inclinations, and professional skills, developed during the life path that has led them here. However, the difference between the Italian working landscape, and that of the country of origin of the refugee, may be hard to deal with without support.


For this reason, we network with public services, companies offering professional training, and the enterprises of the territory, to build together with the refugees individualized job placement projects. We start from the professional story of the person to value his or her skills, abilities and attitudes, and we guide them in the knowledge of Trentino and of the educational and professional opportunities that this territory offers.


In our work, we do not take the place of refugees, but we provide them with the instruments that can help them to orientate themselves.

Our goal is to find, together with our beneficiaries, a training path in line with their inclinations, or a job in which they can employ the skills they already have, and develop new ones. In this way, the refugee can be included in the community and reach full autonomy, contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of the territory.

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