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Refugees in search of a training project or of a job placement, often feel frustrated because of the differences between their country of origin and the new one, as well as for their loneliness and the impossibility to share their struggle with others. This causes a feeling of inadequacy and the loss of self-esteem which may lead to struggling in organizing one’s time and planning one’s actions.

The goal of our workshops is to support people in the active search for a job placement, within a supportive environment characterized by mutual help. During our meetings, we share tools and strategies to undertake an organized and efficient job search. At the same time, the workshop becomes a space where to share experiences and support each other in dealing with job search-related challenges.


At the moment, there are two active workshops, divided for language and technical skills.



“Alfalavoro” is directed to illiterate people and people with strong difficulties in understanding the Italian language. It employs a communicative-situational methodology: the Italian language is not taught in a technical way, rather by using it in the specific situation of the job search.

The workshop is led by an Italian teacher together with a social operator, and is based on dialogues, conversations and simulations of phone calls and job interviews. The workshop consists of 10 meetings and its goal is not only to strengthen reading and writing skills, but also to familiarize people with the job search tools for which those skills are not needed. Furthermore, the general aim is to recognize one’s own potential through the promotion of relationships within a welcoming and propositional environment.



“Caccia al lavoro” is directed to people with a better understanding of Italian, who are able to understand and use daily-use sentences, and to express concrete needs.

The workshop consists of 5 meetings, centred on learning about active job search, experimenting tools and techniques useful to search for a job in an autonomous way. The methodology employed is experiential; people learn through simulations and tales about real situations. The goal is to learn more about the territory of Trentino, and to get ready for application phone calls and job interviews. For this reason, great attention is paid to the strengthening of verbal and soft skills useful in the job search process.

During the last meeting we propose a group outing for the in-person delivery of the participants’ curricula.

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