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Supporting refugees in Trentino means giving an opportunity to people fleeing their countries seeking peace and at the same time contributing to the social, cultural and economic growth of our territory and of the community of Trentino.


The Corporate Social Responsibility is not simply one of the many expressions making a company appealing in the eyes of its clients: it is a trademark. It is a love declaration for the territory in which the company is located, what makes it close to the people.


Trentino companies have a long history of solidarity, often because they are a development of a great idea born within the household’s walls. This family-dimension, in fact, is always tied to the feeling of belonging to Trentino.


Let’s build a solidarity-based company together, to generate a positive impact on the community in which we work and that we love.





Let’s sit down together, get to know each other and plan a social inclusion plan together.

Here are some ideas:

  • professional training courses for youth

  • school courses and materials for boys and girls

  • specialist care to better someone’s health status

  • free time and socialization activities

  • renovation of the reception spaces

  • learning and awareness-raising encounters with students or the local community, on the topic of forced migration


Uomini con calcolatrice

The “Testo Unico delle Imposte sui Redditi” defines the large tax benefits and facilitations intended for companies that implement together with us projects with a strong impact on the lives of refugees, and on the community’s wellbeing.


Each money or in kind contribution is deductible up to the 10% of the business income or to a maximum of 70.000 euros per year (art.14 D.L.35/05, converted in L.80/05) or within the limit of the 2% of the business income  (art.100, comma 2, lett.a) T.U.I.R.).


Each money or in kind liberal donation must be communicated to the Tax Agency by the 31st of January of the following year.


Specifically, you must communicate:

  • the total amount of the donations made in the tax period;

  • your full personal information, including the fiscal data

  • the beneficiaries of the donation


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Those who abandon their land and dear ones are not a threat: they are under threat. When they get here, they have two pathways before them: one towards the margins, the other towards the centre of our community.


We care about meeting those that make up the core of the companies, meaning the workers, to share with them our story and that of the refugees we work with. Getting to know each other can lead to new forms of closeness and collaboration: from an idea for a Christmas gift, to a project of social inclusion, to a fundraising campaign.


Let’s meet each other!

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