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Over time we have flanked the ministerial projects with other projects receiving different fundings, that we call “Third Reception projects”. These projects are meant for refugees which have already started their economic and social inclusion process, but are still in need of support to integrate in the community and sustain themselves autonomously. The Third Reception projects typologies are varied: they are situated in different territories and seek to respond to different needs.


The Third Reception projects we call “ordinary” offer refugees an accommodation and a light support from a social operator which may last for 8 to 12 months. The guests, which are workers, contribute to the expenses of the accommodation.


Another kind of Third Reception project is the project S.E.I. (Inclusive Empowerment Services for families and vulnerable subjects entitled to international protection). This project is carried on in partnership with the Municipality of Trento and is directed to families and single-parent families entitled to international protection, who live in a situation of housing disadvantage and social and economic fragility, which is evaluated case by case by the Social Services.


Furthermore, the project ALICE (Autonomy, Work, Inclusion, House and Empowerment for people in a condition of vulnerability coming from third countries), carried out in partnership with the Municipality of Trento and other local services, is directed to people in a condition of vulnerability who are residents and domiciled within the Municipality of Trento.

The last kind of Third Reception project is the cohousing project that takes place in Casetta Bianca. This project brings together two situations of fragility, which sustain each other within a domestic context very close to that of a family.

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