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Our volunteers are involved not only in activities aimed at supporting asylum seekers and refugees, but also in advocacy and awareness-raising actions for the promotion of a culture of hospitality. These last activities are done especially with the younger generations. Among them, the most important one is the work we do with students.


The volunteers that decide to dedicate their time to work in the schools, enter the classrooms of the schools of Trentino together with the refugees, with the goal of making the students familiar with the topic of forced migration. This is done through encounters during which we talk about data and definition, but most of all about life stories. Our volunteers accompany the refugee and facilitate the encounter, keeping in mind that the protagonist of the event is the refugee.


During the two hours encounter, the students have a chance to question common stereotypes about immigration, and to listen to the voice of someone who has actually gone through that experience. This experience makes it easier, for the students, to succeed in the otherwise difficult tasks of putting oneself in someone else’s shoes.

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