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The activities we offer to our volunteers change and transform with time depending on their needs, desires, and on the feelings of the people who benefit from our projects.


Among them figure individual activities, in which a volunteer works alongside an asylum seeker or a refugee, engaging in a personal, face-to-face relationship with the other person. In this case, the volunteer supports the refugee in a number of activities, such as learning Italian, through informal conversations and help with studying (for school, the driving license exam, or other). Other activities included in the face-to-face kind of volunteering, are the support in the house search, when it is time to leave the hospitality project, or in the job search. Besides all this, volunteers may even share some free time with the person they accompany, spending some recreational time together or doing sport.


Volunteers may also be involved in homework support and babysitting activities with the little ones hosted with their families.

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