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“Abbiamo la stoffa giusta!” (We have the right cloth/we have the potential) is a project that will be offered to the students of Centro Moda Canossa, aimed at making them acquire communicative soft skills in the field of active citizenship. The project is funded by Fondazione Caritro.


The project, which will take place between September 2021 and June 2022, was born from the collaboration between the school, our association and Quid, a social enterprise based in Verona. The overall goal is to increase awareness about the social aspects that characterize the fashion industry.


Through creative workshops and classroom activities, the students will deepen the topic of female forced migration, including the risk of exploitation migrant women face, and the practices to oppose present-day slavery, such as social and work reintegration inside sustainable companies.


Elements about womanhood, personal identity and the richness coming from different cultures will be addressed in a creative way. In particular, through a creative workshop in which a murales to be realized inside the complex of the Canossian Daughters of Charity of Trento  will come to life.


This artistic and formative project will end with a trip to Quid workshop, where women coming from different countries and living in situations of social vulnerability, create high fashion dresses and accessories.

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