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Senz’Altro da ricordare” is the second edition of a project directed to the students of the Martino Martini Institute and of Università Popolare Trentina, funded by Fondazione Caritro, that will take place between September 2021 and June 2022.


The project originated from a collaborative planning between the teachers of the two schools, our association and the Fondazione Museo Storico, and is based on the “educating community” approach. This approach entails the collaboration between different realities located in the same territory, to ideate and promote learning projects for young people.


This project will accompany 4 classes for the whole school year. The topic of migration will be addressed through the tool of identification, which will induce the students to put themselves in the shoes of present and past migrants. This will be done with the support of in-depth analyses, testimonies, and creative workshops.


The project will start with a few meetings at Museo Storico, where students will learn about the time when people of Trentino used to be migrants. After this, they will deepen the topic of present-day migrations with trainers from our association and Collettivo Checkmate. At this step, the learning program will include documentaries and role-playing games. The third phase entails a creative writing workshop, to learn how to take a step into migrants’ footsteps. Lastly, the students will participate in a workshop based on the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology. During this workshop, the students will bring into life the stories and reflections emerged during the previous phases of the project, staging texts and improvisations elaborated with the techniques of Forum Theater, Newspaper Theater, and Image Theater.

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