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The reading paths “Vicini Lontani” (Close, Distant) are directed to high school students, and entail the reading of the short stories collection “Vicini Lontani”, written by Angela Tognolini and published by Edizioni il Castoro.


“Vicini Lontani” originates from the author’s experience as a legal operator for asylum seekers and refugees at our association. It is a collection of fictional short stories, although based on real lives, stories and voices the author met during the years she worked as a legal operator. The stories are written with different styles to represent daily lives made of different points of view and feelings, but linked by the deep and moving humanity of the protagonists, with their curiosity, joy, fear, love - those emotions that make all of us, throughout time, alike. Close (and) distant.


We recommend this book as a starting point for an in-depth path on the topic of migration led by the teacher, ending with an encounter with the author Angela Tognolini.


The short stories included in the book can be adapted to different kinds of work by the teachers. In particular, we suggest two paths:

  • civic education path, with the support of didactic cards (given by the Association upon request) to deepen some topics and encourage debate

  • Italian narrative path, with the support of didactic cards (edited by the publisher and given by the Association upon request) with ideas for deepening, research, reflection, creative activities.

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