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“Valì” is a project that offers fourth and fifth grade students a two hours-long activity on the topics of forced migration and rights.


A number of objects extracted from a suitcase offers the opportunity to speak about the migrants’ journeys and lives, through the stories of real and fictional characters. The children are invited to sit on the floor in a circle, all around a big planisphere on which they look for places, identify paths, and through which they reflect about the reasons why people leave their homes, and about what happens after their departure. Each story allows to speak in-depth about a specific topic: the right to asylum, war, climate change and environmental disasters, refugee camps, freedom of movement.


After this activity a refugee tells his or her story, talking not only about what forced him or her to flee, but also about life in the country of origin (the school he or she attended, the games, the family and the dreams) and about his or her current life in Trentino (the challenges, the surprises, the hopes for the future).


The approach of the activity is interactive and dialogic. It entails games and brief experiential activities, aiming at involving the children and making them protagonists of the learning process.


The minimum contribution required for each encounter (30% of the total cost of 100 euros) goes to support our projects in schools and other opportunities to raise awareness in the society. Every school can request an encounter, writing to

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