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Among the realities with which we collaborate, the “Rete Italiano a Trento” is of crucial importance. It was born in 2018 to coordinate the volunteer-based realities already present in the city, and to strengthen the teaching of Italian for foreigners.


The Rete Italiano a Trento has the following goals:

  • to promote the mutual knowledge among the different volunteer-based realities dealing with the teaching of Italian for foreigners;

  • to create opportunities of exchange and debate about didactic practices, projects and workshops;

  • to strengthen the teaching of Italian in a diversified manner (including the teaching of the language specific for the driving license exam, or for the job search);

  • to activate new teaching projects with new volunteer-based realities;

  • to bridge between volunteers and operators;

  • to grow a stronger voice to employ for the submission of considerations and requests to the Municipality and the Regional government.

These are the realities making up the network, together with our association:

Coop Samuele 


Cooperativa Kaleidoscopio


Gruppo Volontari 2011 “Italiano Per Tutti”


Il Gioco degli Specchi


Liberalaparola Trento


Penny Wirton Trento


Scuola di Preparazione Sociale Sps


Volontari Residenza Fersina

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