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Having the goal to promote the social inclusion and overall well being of forced migrants in our territory, it is crucial for us to promote connections with the communities outside the facilities where they live: from the apartment building, to the neighbourhood, to the broader city. For this reason, we collaborate with the realities active in the communities, such as the local public services, neighbourhood associations, non-profit associations, informal groups, and citizens active in improving the social life of the place where they live.


Together with these people and with our beneficiaries, we promote occasions of encounter, socialization and mutual understanding (such as the participation in initiatives and events), as well as activities in response to needs expressed by migrants or other people living in the neighbourhood. Our approach changes case by case.


Other important actions are one of awareness raising about the topic of migration, and the creation of networks in the territory to improve the integration of migrants who will come to live there in the future.



Roncafort, Gardolo, Canova, San Pio X, Piedicastello, Valley communities all over Trentino



Besides the community work we carry out in the neighbourhood, for the project “Reciprocity in Roncafort” we collaborate in the mapping (following an interviews phase) of the residents’ perceptions about the needs of the territory. Following this first phase, a qualitative analysis of the answers by the community takes place, and then, a number of community building activities attended by local associations and companies, centred on the needs that have been identified.

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