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For Centro Astalli Trento, to be and promote a sense of community means to promote good relationships within a group of people sharing living spaces (asylum seekers, college students, Fathers and Sisters, etc).


We work closely with our colleagues dealing with our beneficiaries’ autonomy processes, shaping our approach on each specific housing reality we are working on.


Our goals are to promote a sense of belonging, to facilitate the creation of networks and to promote a greater wellbeing for the people living in a given context. We try to promote an awareness of the resources existing in the group, and that the group itself can use to enact positive change in response to the needs of all participants, as well as to solve conflictual situations, in case they appear.



In the reception facilities of the religious orders:

  • Comboni Fathers (Trento/Martignano)

  • Capuchins (Spini di Gardolo)

  • Dehonians (Villazzano)

  • Canossian Sisters (Trento, city center)

  • Jesuits (Villa Sant’Ignazio)



Besides the work inside the housing facilities and the dialogue with the neighbourhoods where the facilities are located, for the project Religious Orders is of crucial importance the networking with the other realities involved in the project UCI Una Comunità Intera (A Whole Community)

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