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For the last three years we have been organizing a residential summer camp, targeting a group of young people between 18 and 25, both Italian and migrants. Our camp, originated from a collaboration between Libera contro le Mafie, Cooperativa Villa Sant’Ignazio, and CVS Trentino - Non Profit Network, is part of Libera’s summer camps “E!State Liberi”.


Located in the complex of Villa Sant’Ignazio, and lasting for one week in August, the participants attend seminars, conferences, and workshops to better understand the various aspects of migration and to learn about the phenomenon of migrants becoming victims of organized crime. Other topics addressed during the camp include propaganda and its use in the spreading of disinformation; work exploitation; environmental pollution. The participants understand how such phenomena are to be found even in the Trentino, and learn about the effects they have even for us who are indirect victims of them.


Besides this kind of theoretical learning, the participants take action in taking care of the spaces where they live, interacting with the guests of Villa Sant’Ignazio, visiting the hosting facilities and working alongside migrants in practical activities in the houses and gardens of our association.


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