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When a forced migrant reaches the destination country, he or she reaches a safe place, but which is often characterized by loneliness and by the absence of reference points. In such a place, the newly-arrived are supposed to begin a new life. Many of them feel disoriented, but the context where they land may also be unprepared for the encounter with this “otherness”. The recognition of the value of the new presence may take some time to happen.


We believe that our work cannot be limited to taking charge of the individual. Rather, it needs to spread its “caring gaze” towards the community as a whole. In this sense, we support the generative power of the encounter and of the mutual recognition between people, employing among others the “group” instrument. An example of this approach is the project Con_Tatto: a space which was thought of and created for the purpose of welcoming the person as such.


Paying attention to both the person who is hosted and to those who host, we can build strong bidirectional relationships which allow profound and long-lasting integration and inclusion.

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