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Migrants may arrive here together with their relatives, but more often they arrive alone or in small groups, and are thus inserted into apartments shared with other people or groups. Inside these apartments, they need to live together with people they do not know, speaking different languages, of different nationalities and with different cultural habits.


For those working in the reception area it is important to consider not only the individual aspect, but also the “group” dimension, in order to promote the person’s wellbeing in a place of great importance such as the house.


This goal is pursued in many ways, paying attention on one hand to the peculiarities of each person, and on the other to the cohabitation dimension. Among other activities operators organize, for instance, house meetings aimed at facilitating the communication and favouring the mutual listening, especially to overcome conflicts. Other actions involve the common care taking of the house, the mutual knowledge among housemates and the cultivation of neighbourhood relations.

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