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ComboUniversitaria, in Missioni Africane street in Trento, and CappUniversitaria, in San Francesco house, in Spini di Gardolo, are two projects of cohabitation between young asylum seekers and refugees, Italian university students, and the two communities of Combonian and Capuchin Fathers.


The project originated from the simultaneous emergence of different necessities. First, the desire of the Fathers to open their facilities to welcome migrants; second, the need, for asylum seekers, to live in a reality more suited to their age; third, the desire of some Italian students to welcome and get to know people coming from far away.


These cohabitations became the perfect answer to all these needs, but then they turned into something more: inclusive and laic integration workshops where young people with different backgrounds get to share their daily life, know each other, support each other, grow, and promote the ideal of solidarity within the broader community. It is a place where people exchange food from their own traditions, enjoy jam sessions, share study time and moments in which they open up to the local community, welcoming people interested in engaging in a reflection on topics such as migration, peaceful coexistence, and multiculturalism.


Our job within these cohabitation projects consists in accompanying the youth in their community experience, offering occasions to reflect on their living experiences as well as formative sessions. We also work to support the cohabitation with the Fathers, promoting the creation of positive relations and the emergence of a shared reflection about coexistence and integration.


Every year, we publish a call for applicants directed to university students interested in doing this experience. If you are interested, you can find here and download the technical information.

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