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Our work in the community consists in accompanying the asylum seekers and refugees living in a certain context, to promote their social inclusion and wellbeing in the territory, neighbourhood, apartment building, house or cohabitation group where they live. The creation and strengthening of informal relationships represents a crucial step in the process towards autonomy for people coming from far away.


We aim not only at meeting the migrants’ need for inclusion and socialization, but also at making them acquire the tools and skills necessary to form relationships independently, within the context where they live.


Not always are the outcomes of this effort immediately visible. On the contrary, the success of a community project like this takes time to reveal itself. It can be seen in the braiding of relationships one manages to form, in positive neighbourhood relations, in one’s ability to stay and act as part of a group. But most of all, in the willingness and ability to become a resource for the community, promote ideas and be able to promote firsthand the wellbeing of the context in which one lives.

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