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EdA (Adult Education) centers were created with the goal of promoting the permanent education of adults. They offer teaching and training opportunities directed to Italian and foreigner people above 16.


Unlike the standard school system, the one addressing adults offers a flexible frequency and a tailored schedule. It allows the student to customize the educational project on the basis of an Individual Educational Pact, which is defined taking into account the baggage of formal and informal skills belonging to the student.


Depending on the courses which are been activated, one can find some of the followings at the EdA centres:

  • courses for the attainment of the middle school diploma;

  • Italian language courses at different levels;

  • courses in preparation of the exam for the CILS (Italian as a foreign language) certificate;

  • Italian for the Long-Term Residency Permit course (A2);

  • foreign languages courses (English, French, German, Spanish, Arabic and others);

  • IT courses;

  • Italian for driving license course;

  • courses in collaboration with the Employment Agency.


In order to supplement one’s school curriculum, adults can also attend Evening Courses, which offer both training aimed at gaining a professional qualification or diploma, and short professional retraining courses.


The learning opportunities for adults offered by the Evening Courses include the followings:


  • High School Diploma (human sciences / economics);

  • administration, finance and marketing;

  • construction, environment and territory;

  • social health services;

  • IT and telecommunications;

  • turism;

  • electronics and electrical engineering;

  • mechanics, mechatronics and energy;

  • gastronomy and bakery operator

  • hospitality operator

  • social operator

  • hairdresser

  • beautician

  • wood operator

  • electric operator

  • mechanical operator

Per completare o integrare il proprio curriculum scolastico gli adulti possono frequentare  i Corsi Serali, che comprendono sia percorsi per ottenere qualifiche professionali e diplomi che corsi brevi di riqualificazione professionale.

Le attività formative dei Corsi serali destinati alla popolazione adulta comprendono:

  • Diploma di Liceo delle Scienze umane opz. Economico

  • Amministrazione, finanza e marketing

  • Costruzioni, ambiente, territorio

  • Servizi socio sanitari

  • Informatica e telecomunicazioni

  • Turismo, elettronica e elettrotecnica

  • Meccanica, meccatronica e energia

  • Operatore di gastronomia e arte bianca

  • Operatore dell’accoglienza e ospitalità

  • Operatore sociale

  • Acconciatore/acconciatrice

  • Estetista

  • Operatore del legno

  • Operatore elettrico

  • Operatore meccanico

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