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October 3 is the National Day in Memory of the Victims of Immigration. Every year, together with other realities belonging to CNCA, we commemorate the tens of thousands of people losing their life following the dream for a better future in Europe. We believe that this tragedy concerns us all and that the migrants’ tragedy is in fact our tragedy.


For a number of years we had been organizing a peace march in the city of Trento. In 2020, the pandemic restrictions forced us to imagine a new way to commemorate the victims. We organized a commemoration at the Cemetery of Trento, a symbolic place where barriers and differences between people fall down.


In collaboration with the Funeral Services, we set up an exhibition that accompanies the visitors along the entrance lane, all the way to the inner part of the Cemetery where people can listen to life experiences and share reflections. After that, an interreligious prayer is proposed by the Archdiocese of Trento and the Local Table of the Religious Memberships.


During the 2020 edition, a flowerbed in memory of the victims of immigration was inaugurated, on which the participants lit candles. It is a place where these people can be commemorated all year long. Also, the students of the nearby Leonardo Da Vinci High School brought and laid in the Cemetery a blue cloth, symbolizing the sea, on which they had written the names of the people who drowned in the Mediterranean Sea over the last years.



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