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On June 20, we celebrate World Refugee Day. Even in Trentino, we take the opportunity to reflect on the several thousands of people that each year are forced to leave their homes because of wars, persecutions, famines, natural disasters and other threats.


Every year, together with several other associations, we organize events, photo exhibitions, books readings, music, cineforum, art workshops and many other initiatives that allow us to spend this day together, young and elderly, refugees and local people.


In the past years we have organized, together with SAT (mountaineering association), a trekking at the Damiano Chiesa mountain hut, on the Altissimo mountain. The reflection at the basis of this initiative was that in a world where war and violence force thousands of people to abandon their homes, it is important to walk alongside refugees.


This year, due to the ongoing restrictions related to the pandemic situation, we will meet in an urban area, in the city of Rovereto, where a number of initiatives will allow us to stay together and get closer to refugees through movies, readings, thoughts and reflections.


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