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Each one of us was born and raised in a specific cultural context which shapes, often without us realizing it, the way we interpret the world and relate to it. For instance, no one in Italy needs to explain the meaning of a handshake, or to define the world “family”, because there exists a shared understanding of what these things are. But when we relate to people of different cultures, we realize that many of such assumptions are not valid anymore, and that many of the things we give for granted are being interpreted in different ways.


Being aware of such differences is crucial for our work. As a matter of fact, being part of a helping relationship with people of different cultures requires to all participants a constant effort of awareness of one’s own way to interpret the world, and the ability to give voice to other standpoints, in a mutual recognition of the value of one’s identity and context of origin.


In order to better recognize and value the “otherness” of our beneficiaries, we collaborate with cultural mediators, who act as bridges when it comes to communication and meanings. The goal is to legitimize all the different standpoints that are gathered in the relationship. We aim at creating a personalized project, taking into account the person as a whole and treating with respect the peculiarity of each.

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