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No man is an island: the people we host start entering in relation with the local community from the moment they arrive. Oftentimes this relation starts and grows in autonomy, thanks to spontaneous encounters. Other times, it is favoured and enriched by the job of the reception operators.


We accompany migrants in knowing the services of the territory and the various activities taking place within the local community such as volunteer groups, sport associations and events. We do this in order to make their daily life richer and to build connections that can turn out to be useful in the future.


Our work with the community has not only the goal of promoting our beneficiaries’ wellbeing, but also that of making the society more just and equal. In this sense, the operators make use of their privileged point of view to address the systemic inequalities making it harder for migrants to access services and that in general limit their rights and wellbeing.

Following the social justice principle, we intervene to find a solution to the problem, including by reporting to the institutions in charge.

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